Biography of the concert singer Juandalynn R. Abernathy, daughter of Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy



  1. This Little Light o' Mine
  2. Gospel Train
  3. Give Me Jesus
  4. Talk About a Child That Do Love Jesus
  5. Wait Till I Put on my Crown
  6. My Good Lord Done Been Here
  7. By an' By
  8. My God is so High
  9. Lit'l Boy
  10. Lit'le David Play On Your Harp
  11. Fi-yer! (Fire!)
  12. Oh, Glory
  13. Honor, Honor
  14. His Name So Sweet
  15. Heaven is One Beautiful Place
  16. Battle of Jericho
  17. I Stan'an'Fol' my Arms
  18. Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child
  19. City Called Heaven
  20. Amazing Grace
  21. Oh, Didn't it Rain
  22. Witness
  23. I am Seeking for a City
  24. Le's Have a Union
  25. Ain't Got Time to Die
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